HIST 278 (2016-2017, Interim) Experiencing Southern History (off-campus)

This course examines the public memory of the contemporary South through two pivotal events in American history, the Civil War and the civil rights movement. the course utilizes several vehicles for this purpose: the statues and memorials to the Civil War, the modern phenomenon of Civil War reenactment, and the contemporary museums dealing with the war and the civil rights era. The core issue is how these official sites of public memory function in an often polarized environment, and how they reflect the demands of politics, public attitudes, the schools, and the needs of tourism. The course culminates in a week-long visit to Alabama to visit several of the major museums and sites associated with the crucial confrontations of the civil rights era. Particularly appropriate for public history students.

Counts Toward Majors: History, Race and Ethnic Studies

Counts Toward Concentration: Race and Ethnic Studies

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