DANCE 141A (2016-2017, Spring) Topics in Movement Studies in Dance (0.25)

In this class students will learn the dances of Haiti such as Yanvalou, Nago, Ibo, Contredance and Raboday to name a few. Students will discover the beauty of Haitian folkloric dance through a lively torso, pelvis and leg movements accompanied by strong rhythmic live drumming. They will be able to differentiate the traditional and the folkloric aspect of the dances, drumming and costuming. Students will also learn about the history of Haiti and experience traditional Haitian dance, rhythms, story-telling and learn about the culture, the language and the vocal traditions issue in the Rada, Igbo, Petwo and Congo.

Counts Toward Majors: Dance, Race and Ethnic Studies

Counts Toward Concentrations: Africa and the Americas, Africa/African Diaspora, Race and Ethnic Studies

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