SOAN 261A (2017-2018, Fall) Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective

This course compares gender patterns and issues in various cultures around the world, such as Latin America, the Middle East, India, the U.S., and East Asia. How do cultural expectations for women and men vary? Why do some societies have more gender equality than others? How do economic and political change, including globalization, impact gender roles? How do U.S. and Third World feminism compare? Offered annually in the fall or spring semester. Counts toward race and ethnic studies and women's and gender studies majors; Africa and the Americas, management studies, race and ethnic studies, and women's and gender studies concentrations.

Counts Toward Majors: Race and Ethnic Studies, Sociology/Anthropology, Women's and Gender Studies

Counts Toward Concentrations: Africa and the Americas, Africa/African Diaspora, Management Studies, Race and Ethnic Studies, Women's and Gender Studies

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